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      Properties Recently Sold


      $1,118,000 SOLD for $1,118,000

      437 Hickey Drive

      Coquitlam East

      4 Bedroom/3 Bathroom Home

      Finished floor: 2,577 sq ft

      Lot area: 5,973.97 sq ft


      $1,288,000 just SOLD for $1,258,000

      2000 Quinton Avenue

      Coquitlam, BC V3J 3K5 

      5 Bedroom/2 Bathroom Home

      Finished floor: 2,438 sq ft

      Lot area: 7,768.06 sq ft


      $509,000 SOLD for $526,700 

      314 - 2978 Burlington Drive

      Coquitlam BC, V3B 7N4 

      2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom condo

      Finished Floor: 1,039 sq ft

      Balcony: 149 sq ft


      $199,900 SOLD for $195,500

      307 5475 201 Street

      Langley City

      V3A 1P8

      1 Bed/1 Bath condo

      Finished floor: 628 sq ft


      $1,388,000 SOLD for $1,290,000 

      1427 Cornell Avenue

      Coquitlam Central

      V3J 2ZB

      5 Bedroom/3 Bathroom Home

      Finished floor: 2,186 sq.ft.

      Unfinished floor: 148 sq ft

      Lot area: 7,881 sq.ft.

      Pre-Sale Edge on Edge 


      Maple Ridge

      121 Avenue

      2 Bed/2 Bath Loft condo

      Finished floor: 990 sq ft


      $1,039,000 SOLD for $1,150,000

      687 Poirier Street

      Coquitlam Central

      V3J 6B3

      4 Bedroom/2 Bathroom Home

      Finished floor: 2,093 sq.ft.

      Unfinished floor: 148 sq ft

      Lot area: 7,800 sq.ft.

      Pre-sale Station Square


      Burnaby Metrotown

      3 beds 2 baths (corner) condo

      McKay Ave

      Burnaby Metrotown


      $285,000 SOLD for $290,000

      309 1187 Pipeline Road

      Coquitlam New Horizons

      V3B 4R9

      1Bed/1Bath Condo

      Finished floor: 665 sq ft


      $898,800 SOLD for $975,000

      3093 Moss Court

      Coquitlam, BC V3E 3N8

      4 Bed/4 Bath Home

      Finished floor: 3,348 sq ft

      Lot: 4,703 sq ft


      $264,900 SOLD for $281,000

      2016 84 Grant Street

      Port Moody BC, V3H 0B5

      1 Bed/1 Bath condo

      Finished floor: 600 sq ft